We are a fellowship of born-again believers who meet at Horse Carrs in Shawclough, Rochdale.

We meet every Sunday at 10am at
Horse Carrs, Shawclough, Rochdale OL12 6LG 

We are excited about the good things that God does in our lives and is doing across our town, nation and across other nations. 


About Us

Open Door Church is committed to being an open door for our local community and beyond and to share the goodness of God in welcoming anyone to join our family.


We want to be a place where anyone can experience Father’s love through the following core values: 

Father’s love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ 

Intimacy, Presence and Hearing God’ s voice
Restoration of the Heart / Soul

Extending the Kingdom through the equipping,

anointing and empowering of the Holy Spirit 

‘Partnering to spread the fire of God’s love, presence and healing throughout the nations’ 

We meet in a beautiful Victorian building called Horse Carrs.  The large, spacious rooms lend themselves to a wide range of functions.

We have a large hall for worship, a lounge with soft furnishings, a hall that’s used for POPs and other children’s work and a large area dedicated to our Coffee House which is open every Thursday and Friday.

Horse Carrs, a beautiful Victorian house in the heart of Shawclough, Rochdale.



We are community, family, one body.  
We take part in and support projects in our church, in Rochdale and across the world.  Projects that meet basic needs - food, clothing and school equipment, those who care for the homeless, those who provide care and help on the streets after dark and those that bring the Gospel of Jesus to young people.

Baptist Union

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Sunday Service

Sunday School

Family Group



Spirit Cafe

Prophecy Team



Revive North West